Top Notch Infrastructure

Longmont has a long standing history as a leader in municipal infrastructure development. Examples of this include forward thinking in terms of electric utility ownership, water ownership, and various local controls of utilities and infrastructure. We can continue this forward thinking tradition with the challenges facing Longmont as we grow into a city with a larger population. This includes supporting our multi-modal transportation plan, implementing our multi-modal transportation plan, encouraging our locally-owned electric company to move to renewables, ensuring our roadways are safe, and increasing the quality of life for all of Longmont's residents.

Attainable Housing for All

Longmont has traditionally been a community that allowed for business owners and business employees to live side-by-side in harmony. Longmont for a long time was a "bedroom community" for the city of Boulder. We should not create "bedroom communities" in Frederick, Firestone, Dacono, and Erie on behalf of Longmont. We should continue to honor the tradition of "if you work here, you should live here". This will keep our hard-earned dollars in Longmont, and not spread to our neighboring communities.

Smart/Green Energy. 100% by 2030

Please see some of the explanation located under "Top Notch Infrastructure". Our location in the Rocky Mountain region provides us the opportunity to be a leader in energy development and conservation. We currently are working to develop renewables for the city of Longmont, but we need to make a solid commitment to bringing Longmont into the future with a 100% renewable energy grid by 2030.

An Open & Inclusive Longmont

Longmont has a mixed history of openness and inclusivity. It is undeniable that Longmont has had a Hispanic/Latino influence since inception, but it is also undeniable that Longmont has a history including the KKK. We must strive to be better and do better than our predecessors. A strong community can only be built with trust, understanding, and openness. Longmont has made strides in this effort including the Latino Chamber's Colorado Latino Festival, Cinco De Mayo Festival, and Longmont Pride Festival. These values are as important to the health of Longmont as they are to me. We must continue to be a community that is open and inclusive to new residents of all shapes, sizes, colors, and persuasions.